InDEStruct aims to develop novel structural concepts for heat exchanger industry, especially inspired by modern manufacturing such as additive manufacturing. There will be four Early Stage Researchers employed on the project working in a highly multi-disciplinary environment, covering a range of scientific specialisms.

InDEStruct combines complementary and mutually supporting research fields as vibration analysis, design optimisation, 3D printing, metamaterials, materials, thermo-fluids, motivated by charge air cooler and heat exchanger applications. Providing an ideal approach to address and overcome the limitations of current heat exchange and exhaust gas recirculation cooling solutions and constitutes an essential step for the future of engine heat exchanger design research within marine and automotive sectors.

The doctoral students will be supervised jointly by the academic and industrial supervisors at the University of Southampton and Vestas aircoil, in addition to specialist training provided by six industrial and academic partner organisations.

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